Note from Dr. sipmac: Dear Readers, it seems Paul Maršić is acting quite mean lately. Not ballistic yet, but decidedly mean. sip suspects there is some medication issue but he won’t elaborate further. That said, he lets now Paul rant—

Note from Paul Maršić: Knock it off, Dr. Doom! What’s the name of this blog? sipmacrants! I’ll rant if I want it, you—

Note from Dr. sipmac: Without further ado, here’s Paul Maršić with

Mr. Weisberg, don’t be such a cry baby

Last Saturday, Slate’s Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Mr. Jacob Weisberg showed all the contempt he has for the people he allegedly is trying to save: his piece, called Down with the People, calls the hope-and-change resistant people “childish and ignorant” and holds them responsible for the current political and economic crisis. What a difference between this outright rant and the preface of the US Constitution! Talking about talking down to people!

And why is that, Mr. Weisberg? Because the people are inconsistent with the type of government they desire? Come on, everybody wants a busy government, but nobody wants to be taxed to death, nobody wants the government increasing the debt of the country, turning the situation unsustainable and the nation unviable. Slate’s owners would be nervous long before you could incur in so much debt that you turned your company bankrupt.

But I’m surely being unfair with you. I was misled by the titles Chairman and Editor-in-Chief the Slate Group bestowed on you. I thought you knew a thing or two about running a business. Maybe you’re busy only with the creative and editorial issues of your company. And yet you try to pin again the health care fiasco on the Republicans! Hello! The Dems have enough votes to pass anything the Obama administration wants. They don’t really need the Republicans at all. If Obama wants to play the bipartisanship card, is because he wants to calm down his own nervous Democrats in both houses. Don’t tell me you don’t know that or you’re risking to be charged with intellectual dishonesty.

And for the people? Did it not occur to you this time they could be right? I won’t fall in that “people are always right” trap, just the same I’m not falling in the “Chairman and Editor-in-Chief is always right” trap. But just consider what the people said after you posted your piece:

“Beautifully put, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I am glad you compared the country with California, where the “successful only in blocking tax increases” Republicans have been deadlocked with the “successful only in increasing spending” Democrats for years. That state is headed for bankruptcy and so is the country of people don’t face up to the hard choices.”

So, the hard choice for California is, to be taxed to death, again. Not to trim humongous bureaucracy or public employees privileges projected for the next 75 years. And don’t come to me threatening with massive firings in the police, education system, all the usual suspects. I think a lot of us would be happy if the state senate trims all their benefits in half. They won’t be starving, either. Talk about redistribution!

See? But, wait, there’s more!

“ Boring MIddle Aged Guy
I loved this article. I have been saying that we get the government that we deserve and that government is now a reflection of ‘us’ in general. Spending money we don’t have. Wanting everything but not wanting to pay for it. Wow, that’s my neighbors, my brother. On top of that, we complain about every single little inconvenience. Cripes”

That’s more I like it, I meant. That could be a more balanced view of “we the people”, more balanced than your view, I think… in the meanwhile, you can think of me like “that cranky, deluded Maršić guy”, but do you really know what I think of you? Well, I think your pride was deeply hurt recently, and this piece you wrote was your way to get even with the American public, calling them names. How mature of you, by the way.

You think I’m kidding? On November 28 you paid your respects to president Obama with a glowing review titled “Obama’s brilliant first year”, counting that if health care reform was passed in Congress, he would have achieved more than any first – year president since FDR. And in a way, that would have been entirely accurate, but for the wrong reasons. Yes, it would have made a lasting impression in America, to succeed where Truman, Johnson, Carter and Clinton failed. Once an entitlement program starts, like taxes, it is very difficult to stop.

Well you even dare to say that with health care reform passed, Obama could spend the remaining three years of his first term without doing anything and he still would be considered a great president.

“No, the results do not yet merit his Nobel Peace Prize. But not since Reagan has a new president so swiftly and determinedly remodeled America’s global role”,

you added regarding Obama’s foreign policy, Copenhagen notwithstanding. Oh, that’s not fair! Copenhagen ended on December 19th. You wrote your article on November 28th, when Climategate was already the theme of the day. Oh, but not in your website, that’s true.

And then, it happened. Scott Brown happened. Now the cat is out of the bag, but is a childish and ignorant cat, according to you. The people are wrong, you’re right. How can’t they see that? You know what’s best for them. 

Even now I cannot imagine your grim despair that January 19th in the evening, and maybe you commit the mistake of watching the fray of your article and read comments like:

“I came back to comment on this (now-oh-so-outdated) article because of the enormous hilarity of its claim. It has been a year now and since most universally acknowledge, even many democrats, that Obama has not only been an unmitigated disaster for his party but for the nation as well, I felt obligated to come here and gloat. Stupid liberals, politics are for adults. Never before in American history has such a small class of ideologues, stinking with hubris, so convinced themselves to believe is so much bull crap. Jacob Weisberg may just be, as his article objectively proves, the dumbest political analyst in the nation. Surely he will lose his job, right? Don’t count on it. Liberals take great comfort in numbers even if it’s only 6 people blogging from their basement. Keep up the good work Washington Post. You think you were blindsided by Brown’s win in Mass just wait until November. BTW, last Wednesday the Washington Post’s metro edition (given to those riding the trains) had nothing about Brown’s win on its cover. lmao”

Or what about this? It was pretty insolent and offensive, I concede:

“Seriously – Take the President’s c**k out of your mouth.
by Bobarian
12/01/2009, 10:39 AM #
+2/-2 Reply
The best part of Obama’s presidency so far has been the fact that he hasn’t been able to enact very few of the hair-brained, poorly thought out, and vacuous policies that he ran his campaign on.”

That last comment wasn’t even à propos Brown victory, but that was surely to express disagreement with all the flaws in your review. The people in the fray came to hit you, and hard. I would have been angry, too. But I’m not the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Slate Group, that should count for something. Mr. Weisberg, don’t be such a cry baby. And don’t mess with your potential customers.

Paul Maršić has ranted


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