By Paul Maršić

Domestic violence is a serious matter. Domestic violence is no laughing matter. You just tell Nadine Morano, junior family minister of France, she’s making a travesty of domestic violence by praising the latest attempt of the French National Assembly to regulate human life and human nature: “we have introduced an important measure here, which recognizes psychological violence, because it isn’t just blows [that hurt], but also words”.

What she is referring is that now in France is unlawful by decree any kind of verbal abuse between spouses (or domestic partners); perpetrators would be facing up to three years in prison and 92.000. French lawmakers and bureaucrats (ever wonder how the dreaded word originates?) are looking to proscribe badmouthing in blogs and trolling in web forums next. It’s just the natural logical progression.By attempting to micro-regulate human behavior this way, the state is risking more loss of respect from its citizens and effectiveness. Do you think this is law applicable? Define verbal abuse first. Did your spouse threaten with beating or killing you? Well, I’m completely sure that when a citizen threatens another, is breaking an already established law. See, this is a futile effort, a superfluous law. There is a lot of serious nagging in every marriage. The law already contemplates that when people in marriages are fed up with this (mental cruelty), they can always call it quits (it is already called divorce).
This puerile law tries to coerce people to “behave properly” in a most impractical way. It is like trying to outlaw stupid behavior with a bill. And with people like the junior family minister of France, who doesn’t recognized that the road to hell is paved with good intentions or realize legislature must be full of common sense, well, it is worth a try.


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A member of the sipmac team with armed only with his blog. Un miembro de the sipmac team armado sólo con su blog. Casi nunca la opinión correcta... al menos casi nunca la opinión que esperabas escuchar. Almost never the "right" worldview ... not even what you expect to hear. En el Blog Opinion Renegada, Paul Maršić de the sipmac team da rienda suelta a sus más calenturientas opiniones sobre cualquier tema, y paradójicamente intenta ser también responsable, al buscar siempre sustentarlas. In the Opinion Renegada (Renegade Opinion) Blog, Paul Maršić from the sipmac team lets freedom ring, and lets it loose with his most incendiary opinions based on any given topic. Paradoxically enough his blog is also intended as a responsible one, because he is always seeking to substantiate those opinions.

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