Have you ever been driving a F-150 through the desert at dawn? Watching the full moon four times bigger as you watch it in the city? It doesn’t matter, if you can drive a car you may have your perfect driving moment and you may still be keeping to yourself, because it is kind of a zen experience you don’t want to ruin by sharing it with a stranger.
Anyway, I should thank first Stephen King for introducing me to the then unknown pleasures of driving at the tender age of 13. I read his best-seller Christine, and boy did my life change after that. I thought I could relate a lot to Arnie Cunningham, who always had to put up with tons of misery until he found a little happiness and then his life force would be taken from him for good.
But he was driving the perfect car: a red-white ’58 Plymouth Fury. Made just for him. Oh, did I tell you before how much I like rock ‘n roll? Every time I see a fiftysomething Chevrolet Bel-Air, a Pontiac or an old Studebaker, I remember immediatly:

From the Beach Boys to the Beatles to Jan and Dean and a very long et cetera, driving a cool car and rock ‘n roll music belong together. But not anymore. In the name of political correctness and enviromentalism, we have to endure this:
Driving a car won’t be as fun as it used to be. Thanks for nothing, GM.
Christine, wherever you are, please take ’em up!

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A member of the sipmac team with armed only with his blog. Un miembro de the sipmac team armado sólo con su blog. Casi nunca la opinión correcta... al menos casi nunca la opinión que esperabas escuchar. Almost never the "right" worldview ... not even what you expect to hear. En el Blog Opinion Renegada, Paul Maršić de the sipmac team da rienda suelta a sus más calenturientas opiniones sobre cualquier tema, y paradójicamente intenta ser también responsable, al buscar siempre sustentarlas. In the Opinion Renegada (Renegade Opinion) Blog, Paul Maršić from the sipmac team lets freedom ring, and lets it loose with his most incendiary opinions based on any given topic. Paradoxically enough his blog is also intended as a responsible one, because he is always seeking to substantiate those opinions.

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