It’s there anything better than being Adam Sandler’s buddy? Duh. Being Adam Sandler, of course. So, please, please don’t pay attention to those movie critics using epithets like inane, derivative, repetitive, immature… you name it. There’re just jealous. For real.
Consider this: picture yourself being a comedian making not only comedies, but successful comedies aimed to the low- and the middlebrow. Yep, no Woody Allen material, for starters. Making unpretentious movies is not the major offense to the critics, but not caring about them it is.
Adam Sandler has been releasing through Happy Madison a consistent string of hits that has made him a major box-office draw, besides, if he uses any theme that used with proper treatment could be “Oscar Gold”, he uses it lightheartedly: offensive humor sometimes, but not-so-offensive of too controversial statements. Additionally he uses a lot of familiar faces in his movies over and over again, not only from Saturday Night Live, but Kevin James, Henry Wrinkler and the hottest female A-listers, by the way. Some of them wouldn’t be getting any action those days just by themselves, but that’s not a problem for them, thanks to old chum Sandler.

Considering all this, is completely no surprise that the newest Sandler flick features an all-star ensemble cast (Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolph, Joyce Van Patten, Ebony Jo-Ann, Di Quon, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, Madison Riley) which coincide to mourn over the death of a basketball coach that made a difference in the lives of the starring male cast (once a champion team back in 1978). In the meanwhile, their families celebrate the 4th of July weekend, reconnecting to the simple things of life and patching up things between them and their children.

Too corny? Too much déjà vu? Too much toilet humor? The critics thought so, even without a saluting-the-flag-scene in the era of the first post-american president (God forbid!). For me, like most Adam Sandler movies, it was a truly entertaining movie, in spite of all its faults (real and alleged ones). It doesn’t need to promise. I go and watch it, totally sure that it will deliver.

Beyond that, to all the allegations of corniness and cheap sentimentalism, and the lack of warped personalities that make Hollywood pictures “interesting”, I would simply point that Egg-head made a movie about friendship, something in he truly believes, and you can realize it in real life, too.

This guy is so much better than you, critics.


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