In no particular order of appearance, Paul Maršić will post for the second time at the sipmac ensemble blogs a well-deserved scorn-a-thon of a few of the undisputed gaffetastic a-holes of this year. Without further ado:

She should be batting .400 in bigotry!

Helen Thomas: she alone could close the list. She could have made a gaffe months ago, but now, she committed proffessional suicide by proclaiming she’s not only anti-Israel but anti-semitic, too. She must be a hundred years now, and she should know by now a lot better; but, let’s face it: by gender she must have been an edgy pioneer, but by her political views, she must have been from the stone age long ago.  Yes, indeed.

Please, I need a bite-machine!

Joe Jackson: if there was anything clear in Michael Jackson’s mind, it must have been the role of his father, Joe Jackson, which finally lost his last chance in the Michael Jackson Last Will Jackpot. Now he rants and rants, but nobody believed him from the very star. Michael Jackson could have been anything, but he did really screw him in the afterlife.

Charlie Harper is the cool one!

Charlie Sheen: I wish I could post him as my year’s hero, but now I wonder how is possible that  his hit sitcom, based loosely in his personal life, finds new life in an eighth season, after a lot of turmoil,  in spite of his personal behavior, I cannot do something else that nominate him as one best optioned  to be one this years’ leading a-holes. Way to go, Charles! Two years in a row!  Speaking of which…

Yes we are!

Barack Obama: no matter what he says, he’s more deluded than Carter and Bush combined. The one and only to understand that his party shellacking has more to do with his lack of communication (lack of communication in a so-cal rethorical giant, no less) than bad policies executed along the last two years. Anyway, you just only have to say “I blame Bush!”

The Formoltv plaintiff: he or she should have known better. If s/he have read the entire blog, s/he should have find out what the blog was all about, and not only about them. S/he should have learn the webowners were lawfully experienced. Quite a winner!

I'm such a terrorist, er... badass!

Julian Assange: Pul-eeze! He should have known better! Time’s Person of the Year?  He was fighting not only against the United States of America, but the rest of the civilized (and diplomatized, so to speak) world. Now that he’s experiencing some difficulties, now he’s menacing about some sort of “doomsday device”, like a vulgar terrorist. Puh-leeze, man up and publish anything you have, you moron, you a-hole!

A flag is the best remedy against reality!

The European Union: the welfare state is collapsing, thanks to them eurobureaucrats, and the European Union is collapsing thanks to the irresponsible policies carried on for almost four generations.

This years’ finalists: Hugo Chávez – years and years of stupidity and a-holeness, and Álvaro Uribe – a newcomer via twitter, now he does not find out that his schtick is not interesting anymore now he’s not a president.

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