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Stop the creep!

Man who wrote ‘how-to’ for pedophiles arrested – It has not been a too much decent holiday season for me. Until now. As you may have read, I’m for freedom of expression, as much as any member of the sipmac ensemble (Agent P included), but when it comes to pedophiles and their despicable deeds, there’s where I draw the line.

According to CNN, a scumbag lowlife excuse for a loser responding to the name Phillip Greaves was arrested for distribution of his magnum opus “The Pedophile‘s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct,” which was rightfully banned from Amazon. Now this pathetic, moronic, puny maggot is facing extradition to Florida (And Amazon execs must be sighing with relief, no doubt).

There’s no way to promote, condone or justify sexual abuse of minors. Which brings me to specially highlight the tortous road taken by Slate magazine: in less than two weeks they have made the case not for incest (they called it cancer of the family, whatever the current definition of family is) but for cannibalism (using the dawinistic approach, kudos!), no less. You can’t abuse your son or brother, but it’s perfectly ok to eat him.

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  1. .In 2004 a family member of Pleasure Ps filed criminal charges after she learned that the singer had been molesting his niece and nephew.

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