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New Zodiac Sign Dates: Earth Rotation Changes Horoscope Signs – TIME NewsFeed.

First when I saw the title in the Time NewsFeed, I read it so fast I thought there was some new discovery about the Zodiac Killer. The next disappointment was when I found out it was about some kind of “new discoveries” about the zodiac. Finally, I’ve found out that the disappointed ones should be,  all of you horoscope fans – diehards or not. You should be aware this zodiac thing is nothing but hot air (or a mass delusion, as Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter would point out).

Astrological signs

The culprits

It ocurred to me,  that Astrology (as in study of the Zodiac) by itself demonstrates that humanity, specially in the first world, is not so far away from polytheism as it would like to think. When astrologers “calculate” where a constellation lies,… well, it will be a lie what will come out of their mouths for sure. And according to its most simple and basic rules, the findings of a series of miscalculations on the position of the stars and planets, are unavoidable. Even if you don’t count Ophiuchus, your zodiac sign is still not the one you always thought it has been, rendering all these astral charts and horoscopes as the mindless pap they are anyway.

Your life is not going to be in shambles if you finally accept that stars and planets do not have absolutely nothing to do with your good or bad fortune. It is somewhat fun to follow the horscope and to read about astrology, but this is pretty much it. Nothing to do with reality, buddy. Sorry.

Except when the sky starts to fall on us.

Full disclosure: according to all this new nonsense, I couldn’t be by all means a pisces with ascendant capricorn but an aquarium type!

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