Julian Assange vows to reveal tax details of 2,000 wealthy people | Media | The Guardian.

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3
I like it when a plan comes together!

Rudolf Elmer (already un-blessed with such a name), decided to make ammends late in his life: the former Julius Baehr swiss bank executive decided to hand the tax evanding ruses of some 2.000 wealthy people to none other than Julian Assange, the flamboyant wikipedia founder.

That’s more I like it! As Leona Hemsley said: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” I’m pro-business, I’m pro-private property, but this is something else. The completely unlikable Hemsley at least wan’t trying to hide who she was, but I wish a lot of our sanctimonius, “caring and loving” rich people and their institutions were unmasked for good.

Like Bono, from U2. Hey, the sipmac ensemble have already told you a lot about how he let his home country Ireland sink into a deep crisis by refusing to pay more taxes as he and his bandmates fixed their tax residence in Holland. And this is the guy that wants to make poverty history?

I think there is one more thing to do: to challenge the Google employees to denounce wildly how its “don’t be evil” policy is just exactly the opposite: be accounting ruses and using tax shelters, Google manages to pay only a paltry 2% rate of its income tax.

Hey, I even know about a guy that could receive a few documents…

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