Remember when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a deranged madman and Sarah Palin (and Rush Limbaugh) were unjustly blamed because their “incendiary” rhetoric? Remember when Congreswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at all?

Well, you might have to look the other way for real inflammatory discourse. Nir Rosen, until very recently a fellow at the NYU Center for Law and Security, apparently thought that Lara Logan, a CBS reporter in Egypt that was taken appart from her news crew by a 200-thugs mob and was repeatedly sexually assaulted until she was rescued by a group of women and the egyptian army, deserved this horrendous serial rape because of her role “as a major warmonger.” Witness twitter:

His brilliant tweets, immortalized

It seemed that this egregious d-bag (now unemployed and without a twitter account), uncapable of the slightest sympathy because of his extreme left-wing worldview, ran out of sympathy for her and despised the moment the people would elevate her into a martyr.

Unbelievable. According to Mr. Nir Rosen, a/k/a the man of the hour, women deserve to be raped, and on top of that, if you are on his wrong side of the equation women just deserve everything evil happening to them.

Think again, when ideology just makes you blind to the obvious evil, you have to stop, ponder absolutely everything you believe… and repent. This blog seems through the time to be devoted to condemn all kinds of sexual violence, so I will reiterate: Hey Mr. Rosen, rape is rape is rape!

BTW, perpetrators were calling Ms. Logan “jew, jew, jew” while she was raped.

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  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Why isn’t Lara Logan not being charged with prostitution since she was allegedly having sex in the street multiple times? Shouldn’t she have waited at least until she got back to a room at the hotel? It’s amazing what some tramps will do.

    • Thanks for dropping by, michellefrommadison. BTW is that sarcasm?

      Seriously, I still don’t get why a lot of men (and women) were implying she “deserved it” or “was asking for it”. Disgusting and disturbing.

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