It can't get better than this...

Every politician is an egotist (duh). Barack Obama is famous for taking himself in very high regard. But Newt Gingrich has raised the bar. Obama’s infatuation with himself is dwarfed by the way the architect of the 1994 Republican Revolution sees himself. Never timid with the use of grandiloquent statements (sample quote: “we helped defeat the Soviet empire”), Newt is the Republican answer to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.”

That said, Gingrich’s second surge in the Republican primaries has hit a very delicate nerve in some GOP sectors, enough to provoke an all-out attack against him in order to derail his presidential candidacy for good. The instrument for this assault is none other than the Gipper, Ronald Reagan, the most beloved Republican president of the 20th century. According to sources, in the 1980s, the candidate repeatedly insulted the Great Communicator, never afraid to predict that Reagan’s policies would fail. Even Viagra spokesperson Bob Dole decided to pile on Gingrich, hours before the 19th debate at the University of North Florida.

It is not risky to assert that Gingrich is driving his detractors insane; otherwise Ann Coulter, The National Review and a long list of pedigreed GOPers wouldn’t be so unambiguously breaking Reagan’s eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. I don’t need to be a conservative or register myself as Republican to see where this absurd game is leading: the Republican nomination winner will emerge so weak and disminished after this slugfest that he won’t stand a chance against a full-of-internal-support Barack Obama. This in-house dispute (I refuse to call it civil war) is a Democrats’ dream come true. Like Christmas in January.

Gingrich’s many weaknesses are for all to see now, but absolutely nobody recognizes his true strength. Nobody’s praising his moon base plans, or his immigrant policy, but his followers sure dig the way he fights the biased media and his willingness to pin Obama for every wrongdoing of his tenure. Next to him, Romney is the android that SNL and countless others like to portray. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is way wackier than any Gingrich proposal could be (His EMP warning is not a delusional one, like it or not, it could really happen). Santorum is the only true social conservative of the bunch, and because of that, no matter how well he performs, he’s considered unelectable, because of his perceived “extremist views.”

But like Gingrich, he’s for big government and therefore more akin to the GOP elite, forever disconnected from the base, in fear of having to dismantle spendthrift federal agencies and stopping for once the derail-menacing gravy train of government runaway spending. So many sinecures and crony businesses opportunities lost forever…

The “United States of Greece” is derided as an exaggerated, silly boogeyman, but the spending party has to end. Europe keeps walking on the tight rope, and nobody wants to face the music in the first world.

In the meanwhile, the GOP detonates its own EMP device against itself and smiles pretending to know exactly what it is doing.

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