This Dream's StarThis is a transcription of a dream I had early in the morning. As usual, night dreams and nightmares work prefect in your mind while sleeping, but turn out lame in daylight. Anyway, here it goes:

My subconscious casted Al Pacino, in the vein of major flop 88 Minutes, this time as Guy Random, a middle aged New Yorker on his way to recovery. Somehow he is held in high esteem by the NYPD, as they usually hire him as a special assistant to solve murder cases. Two police officers, suspiciously looking like Robert Goren and Olivia Benson from the Law and Order franchise, approach to Random and ask him to help them with a case: the gruesome of a skinned alive young woman. The sole smell of rancid meat makes Random sick and he pukes after watching the unskinned corpse.

Cut to a somewhat dystopian New York City, where its inhabitants are incredibly dumb and careless up to the point to even leave an infant unattended at the main entrance of the housing project where Guy Random lives with his grandma, “just to fetch something quickly upstairs”. The semi-detective finds some girls uploading explicit videos about their sexual lives to You Tube “just because that’s what girls are supposed to do.” Random is a helpful gentleman to those people, happy to have him as a neighbor just as his grandma is happy because of the thousand dollars he’s going to collect when he solves the murder case.

Another symptom of this “Clockwork Orange”-alike universe is the way Random has to endure and survive the very dumb but lethal practical jokes of this friend of him Richie Underwood, a real scumbag. Random is supposed to accept these reckless pranks as “tokens of friendship.”

More revolting murders occur and Guy Random becomes suspect number one by circumstantial evidence, although no victim is directly or indirectly related to him. The Goren and Benson lookalikes begin to put the pressure and distrust on him. Random shrugs all of this off since he has endured his entire life things like these.

Cut to the final scene, in which Guy Random by accident saves his grandma while attempting to enter into an abandoned warehouse in the Bronx, by sending her back home with the same taxi he came in. As he enters the warehouse he is attacked and tied and it is revealed that his friend Underwood is the culprit of the murders because he “envies his friend”, because “he could have been a bigger degenerate than him” but “despised the way he tried to make amends by working with the cops.” Besides, before he came clean, Random killed with the same debauchery Underwood’s favorite pet monkey. Because of all this, he decided to set him up, and kill detectives Goren and Benson by decapitating them in front of him and shows all the Polaroid pictures he has taken of all his crimes and proceeds to take photos of the severed heads.

While promising to “chase grandma and the taxi driver after he kills Random”, Underwood commits a small mistake that allows Random to free himself from his ties, and throw a knife that sticks into Underwood’s forehead and collapses.

Guy Random walks away and the camera zooms into the photos of the victims and slowly fades to black.

End. Credits.

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