In Soviet Russia, Science plays the inquisition for you!

According to Marxism, every part of the superstructure resembles closely that of the structure. That is why those brand-new appointed scientifical apparatchiks of the recently established Soviet Union could suddenly differentiate between the inferior “bourgeois science” and the vastly superior “soviet science.” After all, they were the ones that were going to build “the new man” with the scientific socialism. And if you were a scientist silly enough and willing to point in Soviet Russia, that there were no politically artificial labels for science, just “science”… well, it was gulag time for you!

You know the rest of the history, there was no “scientific socialism” after all, it was only a label used by none other than Marx and used by his ideological children to keep a doctrine with the respectability the science confers. Oh, and the Soviet Union collapsed. And there weren’t “bourgeois science” and “soviet science.” Just plain science.

It took some 70 years for this unfortunate, bloody experiment to fail. In the meanwhile, via the Frankfurt School and specially trough the works of T.A. Adorno that Marxism made its way thru academia and specifically the psychology studies. That was the way university students learned that conservatism wasn’t undistinguishable from fascism and both were mental illnesses, therefore laying the groundwork for what happened next.

One of the most cherished elements of science (by any of those involved in the scientific debate) is its self-correcting nature. Otherwise could not be homosexuality be taken out of the list of mental illnesses in 1973, i.e. scientists can make mistakes and correct them (note that not “bourgeois” or labels alike fit here).

Now, a team from the University of Rochester, the University of Essex, England, and the University of California in Santa Barbara, will publish a research in the April issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, in which they label “closeted homosexuals” just anybody that they see fit to label as homophobe. And of course, homophobia becomes a mental disease. If you see social conservatives as homophobic, they all become crazy by new scientific fiat.

That’s pretty much it.

Homophobia is condemnable, but this reminds somehow of the worst practices of the Soviet Union in which psychiatry was used as a political weapon to crush dissent. If you didn’t like socialism, you had to be crazy then for those lovable, well-adjusted commies. For most liberals, progressives and/or leftists, it is fashionable to label social conservatives as homophobes, i.e., a bunch of lunatics, i.e. a bunch of wackos.

Now in an election year, science comes to their support to prove them right.

As the Church Lady would say: “How convenient!”

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