Deaf twins committing assisted suicide because they were deaf and were going blind? I might not be that open-minded then. So be it. I understand that those belgian twins were facing the horror of living without sight and hearing, but I still not feeling comfortable with their decission.

In fact, there are people in worse conditions than them, like Yolanda de Rodriguez, who was deaf-blind and paraplegic, who chose to live in spite her crushing disabilities. She once thought she had nothing to live for, but then she chose to live and to help those who were in her same conditions.

I know the modern sensibilities and the PC interpretation of this story: they had the right to chose death, they were suffering, and nobody can judge them, because nobody was experiencing their pain; but something deep inside keep telling me that Marc and Eddy Verbessem’s choice was the wrong one.

Cancer, alzheimer, multiple sclerosis… there are lots and lots of horrible diseases and conditions, but we need to fight them and choose life. Legitimate or not, we spent the last decades taking into consideration that life is not worth living when utterly horrible conditions appear. Legitimate or not, maybe is time to reverse course and infuse bravery and hope into those who suffer.

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  1. Carlita says:

    It’s so cute how able-bodied people who have no idea what it’s like to be disabled love to tell disabled people how to cope with their difficulties. I bet you wouldn’t be such a brave little soldier if you were in their position, so shut up.

    • By legal decision I was found disabled. So, your argument has been rendered null and void. Anyway, I wasn’t going to shut up. Thanks for dropping by, Carlita, and have a very nice day. 🙂

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