They’ll send you to the loony bin if you dare to cross the banks…

This is plain sick. This goes beyond mischief, this is evil. And it is time to stand up and tell we won’t tolerate and reward evil behavior by bailing out the banks. The worst thing is that thanks to the opaqueness of the banks, we all live in a house of cards. What they show in their accounting numbers is basically irrelevant, because the real truth is other.

The Slog.

Do you want today’s mad news, or tomorrow’s bad news?

Gustl Mollath, now 56, was locked up in a high-security psychiatric hospital nearly seven years ago after being accused of making up a story about money laundering activities at major German bank, HVB. It is the sixth-largest private bank in Germany.

But now, new evidence that has been brought to the attention of state prosecutors showing that, surprise surprise, money laundering activities had been conducted over several years by members of staff at the Munich-based bank – according to details of an internal audit report conducted by the bank in 2003.

In a predictable display of psychopathy, a spokeswoman for the bank felt no remorse for Mollath, telling the Guardian, “We don’t recognise any connection between the results of our audit report and either the criminal trial or the commitment of Mr. Mollath.”

A good many connections are indeed hard…

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Lookit shorty here! Is finally the *real* Arab Spring taking place? If the Muslim Brotherhood that already co-opted all branches of power is in retreat and women are taking to the streets to fight for their rights, it looks like it is.

Hungry kids revolt against Michelle Obama’s tiny school lunches

But big daddy governmentr *knows* what’s good for you. Government is *all* we have in common, dintcha know? *Obey* your government and your teachers. *Praise* dear leader, the teacher and the school.

Only for Beatles diehards: Beatles’ mashups

  1. “Paperback Believer” is a cute Beatles-Monkees mashup, also with an “intrincated” but made-up backstory.
  2. Lookout! Run for your life! The Beatles are going Hip-Hop!
  3. The Beatles vs. The Black Eyed Peas vs. Ludacris vs. Kelis
    Mashup, feat:
    The Beatles: Girl & Run for your Life
    Black Eyed Peas: Let’s get started
    Ludacris: Fatty Girl
    Kelis: Caught out there (I hate you so much right now)
  4. Now a standard/classic of the mashup genre: “Encore”
  5. From Wikipedia: The Grey Video is a music video made in the autumn of 2004 by directing team Ramon & Pedro, comprising Swiss directors Laurent Fauchere and Antoine Tinguely, to promote the single “Encore”. Entirely in black and white, it features clips from The Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night, and footage from a Jay-Z performance. It uses new footage and computer generated imagery to create scenes that involve John Lennon breakdancing and Ringo Starr scratching. It begins with The Beatles performing before cameras and a live audience. Ringo Starr begins to drum to the 1:00 to 1:08 segment of “Glass Onion”. John Lennon begins to sing while George Harrison and Paul McCartney nod their heads to the beat. After a few moments, the monitors in the director’s booth begin to flicker, showing scenes of Jay-Z rapping “Encore”, and the lyrics of the chorus begin to show behind the group. Starr’s drum kit becomes a set of turntables and mixer and he begins to scratch while John continues to sing “Oh, yeah!” as sampled from “Glass Onion”.
    As “Encore” moves into the second verse, the beat changes to a sample of “Savoy Truffle”. A John Lennon body double starts to breakdance, leading to a headspin. McCartney and Harrison are replaced by two dancers. The Lennon double backflips off the screen, flinging his wig off. The drummer walks off and the lights fade to black.
    The video is not available commercially, but has become popular over the Internet. Due to the legal issues surrounding the use of copyrighted material, the video is shown with the disclaimer that it was made for non-commercial and experimental purposes only. Picture-quality differences are apparent, however, as the original Beatles’ footage originated on film, while the added footage originated on digital video with inferior image quality.
  6. I got 99 problems but a mashup ain’t one…
  7. More Wikipedia: Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) is quoted as saying: “A lot of people just assume I took some Beatles and, you know, threw some Jay-Z on top of it or mixed it up or looped it around, but it’s really a deconstruction. It’s not an easy thing to do. I was obsessed with the whole project, that’s all I was trying to do, see if I could do this. Once I got into it, I didn’t think about anything but finishing it. I stuck to those two because I thought it would be more challenging and more fun and more of a statement to what you could do with sample alone. It is an art form. It is music. You can do different things, it doesn’t have to be just what some people call stealing. It can be a lot more than that.”[2]
    Burton also commented at length on the creation of The Grey Album in the 2007 Danish documentary Good Copy Bad Copy: A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture.
  8. “Take this brother, may it serve you well…” The biggest band of the late 80’s and early 90’s and the biggest band ever? Rock n’ Roll!
  9. “…if…you become naked.”

Sick: Henry Winkler defends Kevin Clash, accused of sexually abusing teen, as brilliant always ‘end of story’

With sorrow in my heart, I hereby pronounce you, Henry Winkler, not longer cool. Your breaktrough character Fonzie, became a role model for all those who aspired top emulate the coolest life form in the known universe. Kevin Clash is innocent until proven guilty, but your “no matter what happens he’s still brilliant” defense is no longer an acceptable one for me.

Bye-bye, Fonz. This is the real end of story.

El equipo simpac tiene desde hace rato como bandera que a los altos cargos del estado (presidente, magistrados, congresistas, procuradores, concejales, etc.), a cualquiera que tenga un sueldo de 5 o 6 millones para arriba, que se les pague el salario integral. Quienes devengan estos ingresos por cuenta del erario, es decir, de nosotros los contribuyentes (todos somos contribuyentes, todos pagamos IVA), están en muy buena capacidad de ahorrar para pagar sus prestaciones (primas, cesantías, vacaciones) y de paso su pensión. No hay plata para muchas cosas, pero sí hay que pagar con puntualidad la pensión de jubilación de los congresistas. Y esto sí que nos cuesta.

Como ninguno de estos funcionarios va a patrocinar semejante reforma, que va en contra de sus más caros intereses, por eso apoyamos #ConstituyenteYa.

O si no, ¿que tiene que hacer un magistrado ya jubilado con un pasaporte diplomático?






Ya van aproximadamente unas 4 semanas desde que arrancó el paro judicial convocado por ASONAL y no se ha resuelto nada. Según los medios, esto había quedado resuelto el día Jueves 8 de Noviembre, al día siguiente todo empezaría a funcionar como siempre, pero no fue así. La interna de ASONAL esta dividida.

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Election 2012: What Alexis de Tocqueville has to say

Straight to the point:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

And now, the spanish translation:

“Una democracia no puede existir como forma permanente de gobierno. Sólo puede existir hasta que los votantes descubren que pueden votar a sí mismos la prodigalidad del erario público. A partir de ese momento, la mayoría siempre votará por los candidatos que prometen los mayores beneficios del erario, con el resultado de que una democracia siempre se derrumbará sobre la política fiscal irresponsable, y siempre será seguida por una dictadura. La edad media de las grandes civilizaciones del mundo ha sido de 200 años.”


Questions? Alguna pregunta?

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A New Crop of Memes in November

Yes, the sipmac team do like memes. Memes and rants, that’s pretty much it. Nay, we have cartoons, too. You should visit and Jokerizedpaul Channel in YouTube every once in a while. In the meanwhile, enjoy my memes:

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Earn your Trident every day…

It doesn’t matter which is your ideology, you have to recognize courage, bravery and selflessness and salute them when you find them!

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ScottOnCapeCod's Weblog

About the two Navy SEAL’s killed in Libya:

Quite an astounding tribute to the courage and bravery of the two former Navy SEAL’s that went to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and Embassy staff. Courageous!

Recently I was teaching a class in my church on the biblical character, Joshua. You remember him – he’s the one who took over for Moses to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. God made several promises to Joshua in the opening verses of this book of the Bible named after him. Three times God instructs Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” In fact, one of those times God instructed him to be “very courageous.” The road ahead was a tough one and Joshua would need to be up to the task.

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Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus… or the Mountain in labor that gave birth to a Mouse. However, President Obama, if you’re reading this, now you know there’s a cool FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for your favorite charity. Could it be Planned Parenthood? Or ACORN? #OccupyWallStreet? The sky’s the limit, Mr. President.

Ain’t no Mountain High…

For days Donald Trump teased ahead to a big reveal about President Barack Obama, saying his announcement would be made with the best interest of the United States of America in mind. It turned out to be more of a bargain than a bombshell. 

Basically, the announcement, made at noon, started with the reference to the earlier birth certificate controversy and questioned Obama’s college records.

Then Trump popped the wager. He said that if Pres. Obama releases his college records and his passport records, then Trump will give a $5 million check to a charity of President Obama’s choice.

[ooyala code=”phbTRjNjoUB3CFSuPEWIZxUuUJMIk-nh”]

Trumps said he will release the check within an hour of receiving the records.

The caveat, he said, is that records have to be submitted by Oct. 31.

Many speculated on what the announcement would be, with one of his colleagues, Douglas Krass saying Tuesday that the Trump card…

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